i am stardust gathered fleetingly into form
nicole. 20. ohio.

i can be your china doll if you like to see me fall


so, this blog has become very, very full and cluttered, and i decided to move to a new one. i’ll be leaving this blog here, because whoa, i’m sentimental, but i now have a shiny new blog over here.

i’ll be going through and re-following people soonish.

Steubenville football players drug, kidnap, and gang rape unconscious girl, call themselves “Rape Crew”, tweet about it, take pictures of it, and video tape it. They are essentially sentenced to 1-2 years. The media bends over backwards to portray them sympathetically.

Marissa Alexander fires a warning gunshot to defend herself against abusive husband. No one is hurt. She is sentenced to 20 years

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what if i just fancast kris from exo-m as jem? what if?

ok, i have stopped the tears, and i think i am now somewhat conherent enough to make a post about my thoughts on clockwork princess

spoilers under the cut

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i have never in my entire life been as fully and utterly satisfied with the end of a series as i am with the way clockwork princess ended. there is honestly nothing i would change about the ending.

i got clockwork princess so be back when i’m done!

Everything you need to know about RHatO 18



#and new to the teen wolf kink meme #Derek/Stiles hurt/comfort; Derek is paralysed and falls into a pool Stiles must save him #prompt filled by user jeff davis




Teen Wolf doesn’t have a Fandom. It has a support group for people whose lives were ruined by werewolves.

#I feel like we’re all sitting in a circle #with our little plastic cups of water and soft drinks#shuffling our feet #and someone finally speaks up and says #I cried about Derek for three hours today #and everyone nods and says #I know that feel friend #I know that feel

#And then someone shifts awkwardly in their seat and very#very quietly says #’I kind of ship Scott and Allison this season #and everyone bursts into tears because they never thought they’d be in this place

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But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide

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